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Next Virginia Real Estate Class Starts Tuesday April 25, 2023

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Long & Foster Realtors® is a national leader in the field of real estate education, with over 50 years of experience educating and guiding new Realtors® as they begin their exciting journey into the world of real estate, working with them as they build their business.

We offer, through our Jump Start program, 100% tuition assistance, the books needed to complete the course, follow up exam prep classes, and education that continues throughout your career.

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"Prior to joining the class at L&F, I had ordered a correspondence/online training course. I found the material very dry and boring and did not progress very well and got very frustrated pretty quickly. Kevin made the same material enjoyable and memorable through the stories that he told about real life events. His knowledge and experience allowed him to provide a real-world example for about every question asked. As an introvert, I wasn't sure how well this new career choice would work for me. Had I known that I would like being a Realtor as much as I do, I would have done it sooner."

"I took the Real Estate Licensing Class with Kevin McGrath and received my license in May of 2017, and now 3 years later, with over 60 sales under my belt, I am still using the tools he taught me to this day for every single transaction. Take his class & you will get a mixture of textbook work mixed in with personal experiences, mixed in with key advice, which I quote and carry with me daily! You will not only gain the knowledge needed to pass your licensing test, but also beyond on how to nurture and build your real estate career. I honestly could not imagine how my career would be today if I had not taken the Kevin McGrath pre-licensing class!!"

"If you are seeking to gain a real grasp on the material, laws and realities of real estate, then I highly recommend Kevin McGrath with Long & Foster. Much of the material can be rather dry, but Kevin was extremely engaging with the entire class and patiently answered all questions. Class time flew by as he encouraged discussion and shared anecdotes with us. Throughout the class he demonstrated a genuine interest to see each student succeed. He will ensure you understand the material required to take both the state and federal licensing exams."

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